The fundamentals of photography are very important to crafting an award winning photography. I get a joy when I can capture the emotion of the moment even if it breaks the rules.

A great photographer is a great observer, to see and capture the fleeting moments of life, this is why I am a photographer.

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Depth of field or depth of feeling.........

Maya Angelou said "people will forget waht you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel."

This is why I am a photographer. Vincent

The true artist envisions, creates, then gifts their creation to the world. Composition, color, lines, and contrast occur naturally. The emotion is powerfully spotaneous and raw. Subjects are oblivious to their focus. Harmony of yesterdayand today evoke a famiar sense of joy. Vincent Lawson is a true artist yet I am more proud to call him friend.

Dana T

Vincent is that rare person who is not only a great photographer, but also has the ability to share his gift with others thru teachin. Vincent has become the most sought after instructor in the University of South Alabama Special Courses Photography Program. His

photographic images are insightful and he has the ability to cut thru all the distractions and noise to "see" the essence of the moment and capture that. I can teach most persons how to use a camera. I can not however teach someone how to put together the emotional and compositional elements of an event and show the world with a photograph, Vincent has that gift.

Walter Bower